16 April 2011

Zakharef in Motion 2011

4th May Spain Víctor Ullate Ballet – Comunidad de Madrid | Wonderland

Wonderland goes into the complex world of the human mind, seeking to eliminate any taboos and rid any bias.
Ullate puts us in a psychiatric ward to show, with all the delicacy of the dance, the life of the people who live there. Their fears and also their joys. A certain love and tenderness of people whose thoughts do not necessarily work as the other but where, at the same time, we can see ourselves reflected, and that feelings are universal.
Choreographer | Victor Ullate
Víctor Ullate, born in Zaragoza, he began his career with the ballet of Antonio Ruiz Soler. moving to the Ballet of the 20th Century where he stayed for many years.
In 1979 the Spanish government entrusted him with the formation of a ballet company, which he directed for four years and in 1983 created the School that bears his name “Centro de Danza Víctor Ullate”; from which emerge the Víctor Ullate Ballet emerged.
Over the years, the company has acquired its own identity through a wide repertoire of choreographies and awards and in September of 2000, Víctor Ullate created the Foundation for Dance Víctor Ullate to promote the classical ballet and train dancers without resources

The Company
Created in 1988, the Víctor Ullate Ballet – Comunidad de Madrid, has evolved from taking dancers emerging from the school to opening its doors at an international level today.
The Company’s work is characterized by various factors: the improvement and enhancement of the classic technique, the uniformed dance level of its cast, and otherwise diversified styles, from classical repertoire to the typical neo-classical work. These factors, plus the exclusivity of their repertoire, have provided success and continuity to the company.
Ullate's Company are "committed and daring, and perform with an expansiveness and generosity that's immediately winning" Dance Magazine, Gus Jr Solomons

5th May Hungary Éva Duda Dance Company | Overdose

Project supported by the European Union and Eunic


Overdose explores a topic with strong social and psychological implications: the company analyses a sensitive area of human behavior together with its mechanisms and discovers the quality, origin and roots of habits, obsessions and addictions.


Choreographer | Éva Duda

Éva Duda is one of the most energetic figures of Hungary’s young generation of choreographers. Upon completing her studies in Hungary and abroad, she graduated as a choreographer from the Hungarian Dance Academy in 2001. Her works have one several Hungarian and international prizes and awards, and in 2005, she was awarded the Zoltán Imre Prize, one of the most significant recognitions in Hungary’s dance scene.

Her performances always roll around the human; she is mainly interested in exploring and examining the laws of our inner processes, the power relations and emotional states of closed communities. She blends the different elements of contemporary and modern techniques, often using street dances, various authentic folkdances or martial arts as sources of inspiration.

The Company

The creative team developed into a company during the theatrical season of 2009/2010 following the desire for maintaining an effective creative process.

The company’s performances are characterized by an intensive contemporary style with a flow of sensitive and drastic reactions, powerful and precise physicality, one-pointed attention and exploring the individual, that boils down to a search for closeness. They blend different elements of contemporary and modern techniques, often inspired by street dances, authentic folk dances or martial arts. Unique visual design and special lighting plans are also indispensable elements of their performances.

“Éva Duda’s choreography appears so unusually suggestive and authentic, since it liberates and activates this primary human essence and raw force through the dancers’ personal motivations.” Critical review by Csaba Králl

7th May Denmark Danish Dance Theatre | Frost


Frost is a story about movement, which is developed, blurred, erased and manipulated by the dancers themselves. By using unique and innovative software, the imprints of the dancers’ movements are ‘frozen’ leaving them in the performance space as digital sculptures. A landscape is created by the contrast between frozen moments and the warm intensity of the dancers. The dancers’ bodies and dynamics are reinforced by a strictly defined and almost organic, living picture. Time is made visible.

Choreographer | Tina Tarpgaard

Tina was educated at the Rambert School in England and Rudra Bejart in Switzerland and was a dancer in Danish Dance Theatre from 2001-2005. In 2002 she began creating her own choreographies, focusing on interactive technology and dance.

In 2003 she established Recoil Performance Group, together with composer, Pelle Skovmand, where she explores choreographic possibilities together with different media forms. With Frost, she has also won the Danish Theatre Award for Best Dance Performance of the Year.

The Company

Established in 1981 the Danish Dance Theatre is one of the major forces in contemporary dance in Denmark. British born Tim Rushton took over the artistic leadership in 2001 gaining international acclaim. The vision of the Danish Dance Theatre is to push the borders of the perception of dance. The gap between contemporary and classical dance is the signature playground of Tim Rushton and the company.

“Controlled, unhurried and precise.” 
The Australian

8th May Netherlands/France/Jordan Monique Duurvoort | (W)EDGE

Project supported by the European Union and Eunic


Dutch choreographer Monique Duurvoort was invited by Zakharef in Motion to come and recreate her choreography (W)EDGE (2008) together with dancers from the Jordanian dance scene.

(W)EDGE is a piece about individualism vs. collectivism. Our need as humans to be seen, recognized and accepted as individuals versus our need to belong to, and be accepted by a group. The loneliness hidden in the process of making choices for ourselves, as we stand in relation to the other.
In addition, (W)EDGE is about looking yourself in the eye, daring to confront yourself, having the nerve to stand up for yourself, and about putting your fears aside in the pursuit of your own or a common higher goal.

Choreographer | Monique Duurvoort

Monique Duurvoort is a Dutch choreographer with a Surinamese background. She got her dance education at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and performed for many years with the Dutch National Ballet. During the second lustrum of the Dutch Dance Days in 2007, Monique Duurvoort received the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days in Maastricht as the ‘most highly talented choreographer’ and for the role she plays in professionalizing urban dance.

The Company | MDDance

Monique Duurvoort is artistic director and choreographer at her own dance company Monique Duurvoort Dance (MDDance) founded in 2010.
Her work mixes elements from diverse urban dance styles, like hip hop-, street- and break-dance, pop & lock and electric boogie together with academic and modern dance techniques to make cross-over choreographies.

“Most highly talented choreographer” Dutch Dance Days

Short experimental film with original music by Yousef Kawar


Musician & Audio-visual artist, An authentic musician. Yousef Kawar's music speaks through different moods and variations. he has 2 music albums, composed, produced and mixed by himself and currently he's working on his 3rd album, he got 3 awards (1 documentary and 2 short films) and recently Johnny Colt featured him in an interview on CNN.

10th May UK Sonia Sabri Company| Kathakbox


Sonia Sabri Company celebrates the unique, diverse energy of modern urban spaces through a brand new dance style: Urban Kathak.

Kathakbox brings together Indian Kathak dance’s grace and vigor and the rhythms & rhymes of Hip Hop culture. Complex percussive patterns converse with beatbox and the verbal dexterity of Kathak rap (Kavitt) layers with urban poetry.
Kathakbox does not ‘box in’ these genres to a particular time or place, but discovers the raw spirit and heartbeat of each art form which reverberate between cultures; encouraging us to ‘think outside the box’, and consider how we communicate with people who may be very different to ourselves.

Sonia Sabri / Choreographer

Sonia Sabri is amongst the brightest and most inspirational of British born dancer-choreographers working today, performing internationally as a solo artist before establishing Sonia Sabri Company in 2002. SSCo has secured a reputation for innovative collaboration across dance styles and art forms, while preserving Kathak’s essential purity and integrity.

The Company

This bold, heart-pounding production features artistic director Sonia Sabri performing with an exceptionally talented team of dancers, spoken word, vocal and beatbox artists, including tabla maestro Sarvar Sabri, dynamic b-boy Nathan Geering, acclaimed vocalist Marcina Arnold and beatboxer Shan Basil. Hip Hop guru Jonzi D injects attitude as the production’s artistic consultant and the renowned vocalist Zena Edwards weaves her spell of poetry as guest composer.

"Cool, sharp brilliance...one of the greatest talents of contemporary Indian dance" Ballet Tanz

11th May Germany Storm | Storm in a Classical Context/Solo for Two

Storm in a Classical Context

Using an old record player, Storm skips from tune to tune, to interpreting the inspirational classical music in his own unconventional way.
Storm follows the musical structures freely; more intuitively than choreographically. Working with the original recording, an old 33 scratched record, by pure magic the scratches create a loop, the aesthetic tool used in the contemporary and hiphop musical universes.

Solo for Two

Solo for Two is the humorous union of two characters brought together for better or for worse – Niels and Storm – who, be it: acrobats, tightrope walkers or robots, enjoy themselves while walking backwards through the city and through life.
Cleverly teaming up with his own video projected image, Storm performs on stage and on the screen, on stage and with the screen, with himself and with the audience.

Choreographer/Performer | Storm

'Storm' started dancing as a little child, but seriously caught on to the dances Bboying, Popping and Locking at the age of 14. By 1991 his group "the Battle Squad" was one of the leading bboygroups worldwide. Storm has worked and performed internationally for may years and has successfully established HipHop Culture in the theatre world.

Storm choreographs and directs for different theatres and institutions all over the world; choreographing the opening ceremony of the "FIFA Soccer World Cup” 2006 in Germany.

In times he was not dancing, he wrote on the book 'From Swipe to Storm' which came out in January 2000 and is telling the story of "Breaking" in Germany. Currently storm is working on a book to be published in 2012, containing his views on the dance and its structures including philosophy.

"The former world champion succeeded in the feat of no longer surfing the notes but making them surge from his inner self. (…) [Storm] dives into the symphonic as he dives into himself with grace never seen before in hip hop. This light comes from his sincerity." Thomas Hahn, Danser (2009)

12th May USA Abraham.In.Motion | The Radio Show

The Radio Show

Kyle Abraham delves into identity and personal history in The Radio Show. Creating an abstract narrative around the loss of communication, he investigates the effects of the abrupt discontinuation of a radio station on a community and the lingering effects of Alzheimer’s and aphasia on a family with these losses of voice finding a common thread.

Abraham mixes a score with recordings of classic soul and hip-hop with contemporary classical compositions by Ryoji Ikeda and Alva Noto

Choreographer | Kyle Abraham

Kyle Abraham, professional dancer and choreographer and one of the “best and brightest creative talent to emerge in New York City”. He began his training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, continuing his dance studies in New York, receiving an MFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

Abraham has received tremendous accolades and awards including a 2010 Bessie Award for Outstanding Performance in Dance for his work in The Radio Show along with a 2010 Princess Grace Award for Choreography. His choreography has been showcased internationally with great reception.

The Company

The mission of Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion is to create an evocative interdisciplinary body of work. Born into Hip hop culture in the late 70s and grounded in Abraham’s artistic upbringing in classical cello, piano and visual arts, the movement’s goal, is to delve into identity in relation to a personal history.

The work intertwines a sensual and provocative vocabulary with a strong emphasis on sound, human behavior and all things visual in an effort to create an avenue for personal investigation.

“The best and brightest creative talent to emerge in New York City in the age of Obama.” Out Magazine

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